Patient Testimonies

Patient Testimonies

Good morning! I know you are all worried, but with the doctor who has performed the surgery and his partner, we have gone very well. The doctor will tell you more. From me do not worry, I’m very good.

Valantis Patient - Singer

He is the best doctor and a great man.

Giorgos Patient

Excellent HUMAN and Scientist!!!!

Irene Patient's Spouse

He is the Doctor of Doctors !!!

Mary Patient's Spouse

HE IS A GOD IN HIS SPECIALTY. More than excellent. When we visited him in his office for the first time, I felt that we went to the right doctor and human, so I felt safe and relieved. And I was right because he saved my husband from certain death.

Konstantia Patient's Spouse


Manolis Patient

Congratulations once again my dear Doctor. You are the best and I will always remember you in my life. God bless you and your beautiful family. Love.

Anastacia Patient's Spouse

Good evening from Kos Mr Panagiotou! My congratulations on the decisive and human way you handle your patients! You and your team are a bright example for your colleagues and hope for all of us.

Antigoni Patient's Spouse