Varicoceles are dilated veins draining the testicles. They occur in up to 15% of young adult males, and are present in approximately 40% of subfertile males.

Syptoms & Signs

Pain – A varicocoele usually does not cause any symptom but occasionally it may result in an aching pain or discomfort. This may be experienced after prolonged standing or sitting or heavy lifting.

Infertility – Varicocoeles can lead to decreased sperm count, reduced motility and deformity of sperms.

Testicular Atrophy – The affected testicle may appear shrunken and smaller.


Physical examination may reveal a mass above the testicle that feels like a bag of worms. The condition is confirmed by a scrotal ultrasound.


Varicocele Surgery
There are 3 different approaches to varicocoele surgery and the type of surgery done is dependent on the patient’s condition. Recovery time depends varies, but most patients require up to six weeks before heavy lifting and other strenuous activities can be performed. Light activities may be resumed more quickly.